Older workers employment toolkit

Older workers employment toolkit

As the population ages and more people work later in life, New Zealand’s workforce will include more people aged over 50. Older workers make up a third of the labour force and are the fastest growing demographic group, and over 25% of those aged 65-plus still working.

This toolkit will help you hire, develop, and retain older workers. It includes information about:

  • training and development
  • health, safety and wellbeing
  • flexibility to meet the needs of an older workforce

Three reasons to hire older workers

Businesses can benefit from employing older people because they bring a strong work ethic, positive attitude and boost workplace productivity by passing on important skills and knowledge to the team.

They’re loyal, reliable and stay in jobs longer

Older workers are motivated to continue earning as they are more likely to have financial commitments and families to support which means they tend to stay in jobs longer.

They bring experience and skills

Older workers can provide a wealth of knowledge and skills that come with their lifetime of work experience. They can share their knowledge with younger team mates, helping boost productivity.

They create a diverse workplace

Having employees of different ages provides a balanced workplace, with a range of viewpoints, problem-solving skills, attitudes, and ideas.

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