Tips for tradies

Learn how to improve your construction business by understanding how pricing works, and the best way to quote for jobs. These short videos and resources can help your business succeed.

How to price a job

How to price a job

Setting the right price is key for a successful business. Learn how to work out your yearly financial goal, set your markup and calculate your hourly rate. This will help you pay your bills, yourself and make a profit.

Pricing workbook template: You can add in your revenue goal, your total overhead costs and your profit target for the year, and you’ll be able to calculate what markup you need to add to each job.

Download pricing workbook [XLSX, 30 KB]

How to prepare a quote

How to prepare a quote

Preparing a quote is about more than just the price tag. Learn what you need to do, including adding any materials, labour, time, and any extras. It’s important to get them right – for you and your client.

Proposal package template: Use this template to create a construction proposal that you can send straight to your clients.

Download construction proposal package template [DOCX, 75 MB]

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