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Business finance tools

These tools can help improve your financial health. Some dig into the financial viability of your business, others provide quick checks on how much to charge for your time, products or services.

Use this tool to test whether your business idea is feasible — and check for potential risks before you go full steam ahead. This will help you get an idea of whether your idea for a business will make enough money to cover the costs and show a profit.

Find out how much money you'll need to get started and to keep the business running.

Not everyone can afford to start a business immediately. But if you know your idea is viable, then you can start to build your business case straight away.

Just keep in mind that starting a business generally costs more and takes longer than you think.

Use this tool to analyse your figures and find out how much you need to sell to break even and meet your overheads.

To use this calculator, simply estimate the profit you expect to make from the product and then enter your data (such as materials and labour costs).

See how your break-even point changes as you experiment with different prices and costs.

This calculator will help you to work out how much you should charge for someone's time. It takes into account how much profit you want to make from them, a contribution to overheads and also unproductive time such as meetings and paperwork. You might be surprised how quickly it adds up.

Conducting a SWOT analysis helps provide direction by shining a light on what your business does well and what you need to improve.

Strengths and weaknesses are typically inside your business — what are you good at, what are you not so good at — while opportunities and threats are external factors.

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