Your questions, answered by business experts: Technology and Productivity with Paul Conway

Question: Everyone seems to be talking about technology; it's overwhelming. How do I incorporate tech into my business and make good use of it?

Paul Conway: There certainly is a bewildering array of new technology out there at the moment. Let me start by saying that the changes that we're seeing with new technology are really exciting from a New Zealand perspective. I think there's much greater scope these days for you know small firms operating out of the South Pacific, to connect into global markets using new technology, but sure there is a bewildering array out there, so the point I'll make is it's not just about investing in a piece of technology, and sort of putting it in the corner and thinking that you're there, for a firm to extract maximum value out of that new technology, it really requires an all of firm innovation mindset, so how can you change your processes, your procedures, how can you change the way you're organising yourself, or even your governance structure, so that you really do get maximum benefit out of that particular piece of technology, that's how you squeeze the most value per hour work out of new technology.