Transcript: Scale-Up NZ

Kia ora.

Welcome to Scale-Up New Zealand a place to find connect and grow with Aotearoa's innovation ecosystem.

This video will help you navigate Scale-Up New Zealand so you can make full use of the platform.

Let's start with signing up to add or claim your company profile. After signing up you can add your company to the platform by going to your personal profile in the top right hand corner and clicking add company. You'll then be guided through a series of pages to input the relevant information.

The Scale-Up New Zealand team may have already drafted a company profile for you. In this case you'll have received an email invitation to claim your profile. This email will include a unique link which takes you to your company profile page where you can claim it and make changes to ensure the information is accurate and up-to-date.

Once you've finished editing your company profile, the Scale-Up New Zealand team will review the profile and work with you, if needed, to finalise it. You can go back and update your company profile at any time.

The Scale-Up New Zealand team will also help to keep your profile up to date based on public data such as news articles and your company website. This process is almost identical for investors, hubs, and multinationals.

There are more extensive posts written about this in the Help Centre which can be accessed in the bottom right hand corner of your browser window. You can also ask questions through this chat service if you need assistance.

Tūhura - Find.

Scale-up New Zealand enables users to find accurate information they need in multiple ways.

Searching and tags.

Searching and tags help you find profiles that are of most interest to you. Tags define the sectors and technology areas that are relevant to each company on the platform and make it faster and easier to navigate around the site.

For example, you can use tags to search for companies operating in the agtech sector. You can also use the search filters to get more targeted results searching by location, business model, funding stage or product stage.


You can make collections of different profiles on the platform. Collections help you to keep track of companies that you're interested in. You can also export key data about companies in your collections for more detailed analysis.

Tūhono - Connect.

Once you've found a relevant organisation you can then use Scale-Up New Zealand to connect.

In addition to providing standard contact details for each organisation on the platform, Scale-Up New Zealand also provides the option to request introductions. This is located in the top right hand corner of each profile. There are four different types of introductions that can be made: investments, cooperation, events and jobs.

After selecting the kind of introduction you would like you then need to supply a few details and the Scale-Up New Zealand team will review your request and, if appropriate, make the introduction.

Turuki - Grow.

Similar online platforms overseas are growth engines for ambitious companies and national economies. Scale-Up New Zealand provides free infographics offering quick insights into trending investments, the size and stage of innovative local companies and the latest deals. This information can provide valuable market insights to support planning and decision making.

Heoi ano, matakitaki mai ra - those are the highlights to get you started.

Sign up for free today to take full advantage of the exposure, connections and insight that Scale-Up New Zealand can provide for you and your business.

Mauri ora!


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