Transcript: What is a healthy workplace?

Life can be hectic.

Your team will have heaps on at home – and they spend a lot of their day working – so, where we work, who with, and how we work affects us all – a lot.

If there’s too much work on, the conditions aren’t great and how people treat each other isn’t flash, people’s wellbeing can suffer – and so can your business’ productivity.

But, if it’s all good – the work’s well organised, the facilities are up to scratch, we talk and treat each other right, we all do well – and we’re more productive.

So, working in a place that looks after us is going to make our work-lives better – which will help make our home-lives better – which will help make our work-lives better.

You see? While we might have a work life and a home life, we’re only one person and we’re affected by everything that happens to us.

So, it’s no surprise looking after the team’s wellbeing is the smart thing to do to boost your bottom line.

And it’s surprisingly easy. Visit for the info, tools and resources you’ll need to get your workplace in the right space.


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