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Government grants and help for your established business

Once your business is past start-up phase, the range of government support opens up, from grants and mentoring to tailored support schemes for different industries and different business goals.

Beware of funding scams, in which fraudsters trick you into paying fees to find grants.

Beware of funding scams, in which fraudsters trick you into paying fees to find grants.

If a company claims to be able to help you get grants, do your research first. Try the Commerce Commission for information on bogus grant-finders.

Help from the government shouldn’t be mistaken for grants and grants alone. Much of the assistance available aims to help you build your skills and knowledge, lay solid business foundations and launch into new areas.

Agency: Regional Business Partner Network

Aimed at: All businesses, including the self-employed, at any stage

How to get it: Register for free

For advice on what types of help you might be eligible for, sign up with the local office of the Regional Business Partner Network. This will be your gateway to a wealth of advice and knowledge to support you and your business.

Your local business advisors can:

  • give you information and tools to help build your skills and knowledge
  • introduce you to business networks
  • connect you to other professionals and advisors for help in different areas of your business
  • advise you on other kinds of government assistance you might be eligible for.

There are 14 Regional Business Partners throughout New Zealand.

Contact details (external link) — Regional Business Partner Network

Support for Māori business owners

Agency: Te Puni Kōkiri

Aimed at: Māori business owners with a primary focus on small to medium enterprises

How to get it: Register online

Te Puni Kōkiri - Māori Business Growth Support aims to help build the skills and knowledge of Māori businesses. Te Puni Kōkiri, together with other business support services, help existing Māori businesses plan their pathways to realise their growth potential.

If eligible, a needs assessment will be completed with each business to determine the appropriate information or business support required.

Māori Business Growth Support (external link) — Te Puni Kōkiri

Agency: Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment

Aimed at: Māori collectives

How to get it: Apply in the annual call for proposals

The Māori Innovation Fund seeks to build the skills and knowledge of Māori collectives and trusts.

Under the fund’s Commercial advisor scheme (external link) , collectives are given co-funding to work with an advisor who can help them grow and provide business advice and mentoring.

Download the Support for Māori business guide (external link) — MBIE website


Capability vouchers

Agency: New Zealand Trade and Enterprise (NZTE) and Callaghan Innovation

Aimed at: Business owners looking to grow their business

How to get it: Sign up with your Regional Business Partner to see if you’re eligible

These vouchers subsidise the cost of workshops, courses and coaching to develop your management capability. It’s a co-funding arrangement, which means your business must pay at least half the training costs.

Vouchers can be used for training in:

  • business planning
  • business systems
  • business sustainability
  • capital raising
  • exporting
  • finance
  • governance
  • intellectual property
  • lean manufacturing/business operations
  • managing resources
  • marketing.

Contact details (external link) — Regional Business Partner Network

A mentor is someone you trust, and who you can consult for business advice and guidance to assist your business or professional development.

A mentor should:

  • usually be someone outside your immediate team, or even someone from outside your company
  • be a good listener, with the experience to suggest practical solutions
  • set an example
  • challenge your ideas.

Consider finding a mentor, and encourage senior employees to do the same.

A mentor acts as your guide to business.

A mentor acts as your guide to business.

Map out clear goals at the start to get the best out of your mentoring relationship.

Services for high-tech businesses

Agency: Callaghan Innovation

Aimed at: High-tech businesses

How to get it: Your Regional Business Partner will connect you to Callaghan Innovation if eligible

Callaghan Innovation offers a range of services to help businesses develop and commercialise technology. These include:

  • technical and scientific expertise
  • impartial advice
  • training to improve innovation skills
  • access to industry networks.

These services help businesses speed up and strengthen their product development, reduce risk and create market advantage.

Callaghan Innovation (external link)

Contact details (external link) — Regional Business Partner Network

Grants for research and development

Agency: Callaghan Innovation

Aimed at: Businesses who do, or want to start, R&D

How to get it: Your Regional Business Partner can help you decide which grants to apply for

A range of grants is available to help businesses doing research and development (R&D).

Some are for businesses in the early stages of, or new to R&D. Others offer long-term investment for established R&D businesses, or for getting students to assist with R&D.

R&D grants (external link)  — Callaghan Innovation

Contact details (external link) — Regional Business Partner Network

Research and development (R&D) is about innovation.

Research and development (R&D) is about innovation.

R&D activities seek to develop new technology or push the boundaries of existing ones. They also attempt to advance science or technology by solving uncertainties in these areas.

Grants for primary industry businesses

Agency: Ministry for Primary Industries

Aimed at: All primary sector businesses and those who use primary industry materials to make products, eg food and beverage manufacturers

How to get it: Apply via MPI’s online grants portal

MPI offers grants and co-investment funding to primary industry businesses that want to export, increase sustainability, improve productivity or protect New Zealand from biosecurity risks.

Projects eligible for funding include:

  • irrigation scheme upgrades
  • sustainable farming initiatives
  • research and innovation programmes
  • work to maximise the productivity of land in Māori collective ownership.

Funding and programmes  (external link) — Ministry of Primary Industries

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