Going contracting

Going contracting

If you or the people you advise are contracting — or thinking about it — these tips, tools, templates and case studies can help. Here’s where you’ll find information about:

  • setting up as a contractor
  • managing finances
  • different business structures
  • finding work
  • tax and expenses
  • checking your contracts
  • insurance
  • government help.

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Getting started

Tips and tools to help you become a contractor

What's new

What's new

Keep up with contracting news. Get the latest updates from government on issues that affect contractors. From law changes, compliance matters to new opportunities and tips and tricks on working smart.  

Case study

Case study

Choosing the right accountant

An ace organiser at work, project manager Anna’s own business admin wasn’t so flash. “I was a mess! I didn’t really know what I was doing and constantly felt I was about to get caught out for claiming expenses I shouldn’t have,” she says. “I finally said ‘enough’s enough’ and got an accountant.”

Anna spoke to several accountants other contractors had recommended to her, choosing one she gelled with and who seemed the most proactive.

“She gives me huge peace of mind,” Anna says. “She knows exactly what I can claim for — including her accountancy fees. She suggested apps to keep track of what comes in and what goes out, and gives me a gentle nudge when tax deadlines are near.

“I was worried I couldn’t afford an accountant, but she’s definitely saved me money. I wish I’d had one earlier now.”

What to think about before you go contracting

Vote form If you're a contractor paid by a recruiter or other labour hire firm, must they deduct tax from your pay?

Contracting day-to-day

Tips, templates and quizzes to help your work life run smoothly

Case study

Case study

Invest in your training

After two years as a contract marketer, Malaki decided it was time to upskill. In his last job at an advertising agency, training was always on hand.

Realising he would now have to pay for his own training, he decides to spend $3,000 on a marketing conference in Melbourne.

“The marketing industry moves really fast so I need to make sure I keep up with what’s new. Day-to-day, I do webinars and follow industry feeds — you can sign up for most of these for free. But every couple of years, I’ll invest in going to a big marketing conference,” he says.

“It can hurt a bit when it’s coming from your own pocket, especially when you’ve been used to getting it for free. But it’s well worth it. It keeps my ideas fresh and it’s great for networking. And it’s not so bad when you remember you can claim it as a tax expense.”

Finding work when you’re contracting

Claiming expenses

What to claim when you work from home

What to claim when you work from home

Learn what business expenses you can claim for when you contract from home. You may be surprised!

Quiz: Claiming expenses

Quiz: Claiming expenses

Claiming business expenses will help reduce your tax bill. Test yourself on what you can claim for, and how much. 

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