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Governance overview

Governance is about the checks and balances and expert advice that keep your business on track. It includes all the practices, processes and policies that help you guide your business in the right direction.

Governance is the responsibility of every registered director — whether your business has one or many. Even if you’re not officially a director, governance is good practice for all business owners. Good governance can help you grow your business, stay ahead of risks, improve compliance, and improve trust and reputation.

Our quick self-assessment tool will help you reflect on your current governance practices. Our pages, visualisations, templates, and quiz will help you think strategically about governance.

Check out the topics available in this section. Use the links or the navigation pane to browse through the pages.

Governing your business means taking care of the ‘big picture’ — things like finances, long-term strategy, and risk management. You’re probably doing some of these things already. Use this tool to reflect on how much governance you’re already doing and where you could improve.

At the end of this assessment you’ll get:

  • a better idea of what you could focus on
  • practical tips and links to expert advice.

5-10 minutes

Self-assessment: Governing your business

Importance of governance

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Deciding what governance looks like for a small business depends on the size and stage of the business, the input needed, and the nature and level of risks, according to Liz Wotherspoon of The Icehouse, an Auckland-based business growth centre.

It’s important to regularly look at the ‘big picture’ of a business — things like finances, long-term strategy, and risk management.

Importance of governance

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Governance applies to all businesses, including start-ups and those focused on achieving high growth, according to the Institute of Directors.

Looking at the big picture is something I do in my business.

Finding time and people

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Obviously, no one wants to miss a short-term forecast or sales goal. But it’s much more costly to focus your time and energy on today at the expense of planning for the long term , according to Harvard Business Review.

I struggle to find the time for looking at the big picture of my business.

Finding time and people

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The people you choose to help govern your business need to bring specific skills that you’re missing and will be important to your business’s success, according to Forbes.

I know how to find the right people to help me govern my business.


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Directors play an important role in making sure a business follows the law and stays financially secure, according to the Institute of Directors.

I understand my legal duties as a director.


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It’s important to understand your liabilities before joining a company as a director, according to the Institute of Directors. Ask about indemnities and Directors and Officers Insurance, and about any legal claims you might become responsible for.

I know how important it is to fulfil my director duties.

Risk management

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Only a few businesses grow if they are completely risk-averse, but reckless decision making also causes business failure, according to the Institute of Directors. Effective risk management sits at the heart of good governance.

I’ve identified current and upcoming risks to my business.

Risk management

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Independent directors often play devil's advocate and challenge conventional thinking when risk rears its head, according to the Institute of Directors. They can help a board take advantage of something exciting at the same time as ensuring the risk doesn’t outweigh the benefits.

I have a clear plan for managing the risks to my business.


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Properly structuring your board could be one of the most important things to determine the success of your business, according to Forbes.

The benefits of having a formal board are:


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What makes boards great? It’s not rules and regulations. It’s the way people work together, according to Harvard Business Review.

A difference between an advisory board and a board of directors is:

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