All of New Zealand is at Alert Level 1

All businesses can operate, provided they can meet the rules to operate safely. Businesses are still required to display the official QR codes for the NZ COVID Tracer app at all alert levels.

For more information, check out the business.govt.nz page for Workplace operations at COVID-19 alert levels

Assess skills in your business

Assess skills in your business

Our quick self-assessment tool sheds light on where skills and knowledge sit in your business. This tool helps you see any gaps and identify opportunities and next steps.

It involves reflecting on:

  • how your workers pick up new tasks
  • support on offer
  • factors that might make things easier, or harder, for you and your team.

Self-assessment: Skills development

To survive and thrive, you need the right skills in the right places and at the right time. Discover where the knowledge and skills sit in your business, and if the skills and knowledge you have match what you need. Find out where you need to focus to keep skills strong, or develop new skills more aligned with your business strategy — your people’s and your own.

At the end of this assessment you’ll get:

  • an idea of knowledge and skills spread
  • where the gaps are and how you might fill them
  • practical tips and tools
  • links to expert advice.

Self assessment: Skills development

Day-to-day skills

Tool workers talking

Did you know...

"People feel overwhelmed if you expect too much from them. Look at what you need and talk to staff about where they’d like to focus.” Julia Richardson, New Zealand Business Performance Panel.

Employees whose tasks change have the right skills for their new role.

Day-to-day skills

Tool painter

Did you know...

People can feel uncomfortable asking for help — they may see it as a sign of weakness, or think you will think badly of them. Create a culture where asking for help is the norm.

I check people understand our systems and processes, eg safety checks, how to handle complaints.

Work flow

Tool woman at computer 04

Did you know...

Being the go-to person can be hard to give up. Get key employees involved in coaching others so they still feel valued and important.

If a key employee had to unexpectedly take a month off, my business would run smoothly.

Work flow

Tool woman talking to student

Did you know...

Staff compare themselves to other colleagues. It can be demotivating to feel workloads differ, or that they’re getting fewer opportunities or less acknowledgement. If it’s often the case, they may look for a new job.

Some team members are busy while others have little to do.

Learning and development

people at desk

Did you know...

Experts recommend the 70/20/10 approach to workplace learning: 70% on the job, 20% learning from others, 10% formal learning. 

All my employees take part in learning to keep skills and knowledge up to date.

Learning and development

Two farmers

Did you know...

Learning doesn’t have to be formal. Peer-to-peer coaching gives people a chance to swap experiences and share stories.

My employees share knowledge with teammates.


group of people

Did you know...

“Research shows employees have a much better idea of how their performance compares with their colleagues’ than many managers think.” Julia Richardson, NZ Business Panel.

Employees’ poor performance is an issue in my business.


builder and businessman

Did you know...

Part of offering good customer service is staff knowing when to act themselves and when to call in someone more senior.

We rarely get complaints, eg from customers, clients, suppliers or between teammates.

Leadership and planning

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Did you know...

It’s important to keep your networks broad. You’ll learn from businesses that are like yours, but often you learn more from businesses that are not like yours.

I have people I can call on for advice or to bounce ideas off.

Leadership and planning

woman business planning

Did you know…

“You’ll always struggle if you don’t know what you are, what you’re not and what you want to be.” Julia Richardson, NZ Business Panel. 

My team and I have the right skills to meet current and future goals.

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