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Bereavement leave

It is always a difficult time after a loved one dies, which is why there are set entitlements for staff to take bereavement leave.

However, if you want to offer more than the mandatory support to your employees, you can also let them take more leave than they’re legally entitled to — either as annual leave or unpaid.

After an employee has been working for you for six months, they ’ re entitled to:

  • three days ’ bereavement leave on the death of their:
    • child
    • grandchild
    • grandparent
    • parent
    • partner
    • partner ’ s parent, or
    • sibling.
  • one day ’ s bereavement leave on the death of a person outside t he immediate family — this leave is decided case-by-case at your discretion.

They're allowed to take their bereavement leave at any time a nd for any reason that relates to the death.

What you could do

You could also:

  • offer more bereavement leave in your employees’ agreements
  • offer bereavement leave to employees before they’ve been working for you for six months
  • let employees take a longer period of leave — either using their annual leave entitlement or as unpaid leave.

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