Video with transcript: Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade

Learn about the New Zealand Export Credit Office, and how they can provide support with your exporting journey.

Your journey to exporting with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Trade

[Audio: Music starts and plays throughout video.]

[Visual/audio: The words presents are displayed against a blue background. Music continues.]

[Visual/audio: The screen then switches to displaying the title: Your journey to exporting with New Zealand Foreign Affairs & Trade, Manatu Aorere (logo) against a backdrop of a graphic depicting multi-coloured shipping containers. Music continues.]

Presenter begins to speak with music in the background.

[Visual: Background containers disappear and only the MFAT logo remains.]

Presenter (audio): The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Trade or MFAT builds relationships at a high level with international trade partners to remove some of the regulatory barriers in other countries for New Zealand businesses exporting

[Visual/audio: as the presenter is speaking, the visual changes to show the MFAT logo on the right side, and a globe on the left with lines across it showing trade routes]

[Visual: The screen then fades into a man standing in a forest with high-vis clothing, swiping across on an ipad which shows the MFAT website]

Presenter (audio): They negotiate free trade agreements, work to lower tariff rates and provide insights into economic developments in offshore markets.

[Visual/audio: The screen switches through three different scenarios (graphics). The first is 4 different people sitting around a table representing different countries. The screen then swipes across to show 3 different piles of logs with price tags on them. Music continues]

[Visual/audio: The screen on the ipad switches again, this time showing a globe, with a pile of logs representing where New Zealand is, then showing the trade route (dotted line) to the other side of the globe]

Presenter (audio): MFAT has many resources available for businesses looking to export from New Zealand to the world.

[Visual: The tablet screen changes, to show the following audio in bullet points, with a graphic to the right-side representing each bullet]

Presenter: Take advantage of their Market intelligence reports, tariff finder and export help desk where your export query will be sent to the government agency best able to answer it, there’s no wrong door.

[Visual: Container doors then begin to close on the screen, until they’re fully closed. The screen then fades to a blue background, with both the MFAT (left side) and (right side) logos are centred, music in background]

Presenter: For all this information and more is available on the MFAT website.

[Visual/audio: URL appears below the MPI logo, it says “MFAT dot govt dot nz slash exports]

Presenter (audio): Just go to MFAT dot govt dot nz slash exports

[Visual/audio: Closing screen, blue background, with the MBIE and government logos next to each other, music fades.]

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