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Better motors, fuel gauges, and maintenance make water taxis better for the environment.

Boost to efficiency saves fuel and money

AbelTasman.com promotes the Abel Tasman National Park, the Nelson Tasman region and six tourism businesses. They truly care about the environment they live, work, and play in. To reduce carbon emissions, they focused on improving their fleet of water taxis.

First, they upgraded all outboard motors to more fuel-efficient models. This took 2 years. They then fitted digital fuel gauges to help skippers check fuel use. This encouraged more fuel-efficient driving habits. Together, the new motors and the gauges improved efficiency by 8%.

Next came a marine workshop at a cost of $200,000. This let the team service their water taxis regularly. With better care, the outboard motors should last twice as long.

Brendan Alborn, Owner and Commercial Director

Brendan Alborn, Owner and Commercial Director

“Our petrol and diesel use was one of the main sources of our emissions,” says Brendan Alborn, Owner and Commercial Director. “By making sure all our boats and vehicles are running efficiently, we’re now using less fuel. That’s a great result that the whole team is proud of.”