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Cutting back on emissions-creating resources makes good financial sense for Auckland printer.

Adding up the benefits of climate action

Soar Printing is a family-owned printing business based in Auckland. While they’ve grown over the past decade, they’ve also slashed their emissions by more than half – and they’ve saved money in the process.

Clear financial guidelines have helped Soar achieve these changes. So has a lean manufacturing approach, which is about cutting waste to save money. As a result, energy efficiency and waste reduction are key when upgrading equipment and vehicles.

For example, a new printing press has cut emissions and saved over $125,000 in power and paper each year. And switching to more efficient vehicles has saved about $30,000 a year in fuel.

Jenny Carter, Financial Director

Jenny Carter, Financial Director

“Cutting back on resources that create emissions makes good financial sense,” says Jenny Carter, Financial Director. “It helps the long-term sustainability of the business. It’s easier to stay competitive, to invest in energy-efficient equipment, and to pay your staff at least the minimum wage. You can also give back to the community.”