Do your side hustle a favour: ONECheck it.

You’ve chosen a brand name for your side hustle, but is it really yours? If you’re serious about building your brand (and your business), read on.

Check and protect your brand

When you’re getting started with your brand, choosing the right name is a big step. You want it to be unique, representative and memorable. You also need it to be available – and if it is, understand how to protect it.

That’s where ONECheck comes in.

In one simple search ONECheck will check if a name is registered as a company name, trade mark, domain name or social media, and explain why each is important. It also helps connect you with the next steps for protecting your brand in these areas, if you decide this is right for your business.

If you’re already up and running with a name for your side hustle and you haven’t protected your brand yet, you should jump on ONECheck too and see if it’s really yours – or whether someone else is also using it.

Is your brand name available?

Is your brand name available?

Use ONECheck to see if your brand name is available and how to protect it – it only takes one search.